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Welcome welcome welcome to kangxhan. I'd tell you some more, but I think the banner (made by magnolium) is quite self-explanatory. kangxhan was made out of our pure love for this coupling, because they're just too OTP not to have made this for them. This isn't just a comm for fanfiction, but for anything else about these two--images, fanart, news, caps, icons, graphics (like wallpapers, banners etc.) or files.

It is moderated by both missnhaca and I, magnolium, but we're not going to be very strict with the rules on this one.

|| T H E R U L E S ||
If you're not a fan of slash, or anything of the sort, this place is not for you. Here we're open to everything.
If you're going to place an image, please put it under a cut. You know nobody likes to get their flists flooded with images.
When you're posting fanfiction, please put warnings on them if they're explict. I know you'll probably know to do this already, but it's just because we have have youngins around.
If you're posting a file, I think it'd be best to f-lock it, no? :x I don't think it'd be nice to find that your file gets blocked after one day of posting it. So f-lock it if you want the file to remain intact for at least a few days.
No bashing! I swear, if anyone bashes, I'll bring out the whips. >_>; And no, that's not supposed to be kinky.
Please be considerate towards other members.

And that's it. \:D/ Enjoy yourself while you're here, and don't melt in the process.