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Second post yey. 8D I come with presents that people have seen before!

So, I thought I'd kick off the comm with some fanfics. Just a note to everyone, you do not only have to post fanfiction. Anything else is encouraged. ^^

You Are The One
A Pillow of Winds

And new:

Title: Neverland
Author: magnolium
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kangin/Hankyung
Summary: Tardiness was never a problem.

Everyday at around six pm, Kangin comes home. The probability of him not coming home on time is slim to none, because every time, every single time, he slips his arms around Hankyung and whispers that he missed him all day long.

The clock reads nine fifty three.

Outside a car honks, but Hankyung knows better than to hurry over to the window and take a look-see. He's been doing that for the past two hours, and frankly can't take it anymore.

He intently studies the stain on the ceiling. It's a stain of which neither of them knew how it got there. Slate grey, with flickers of auburn. A water stain, maybe. It's the most comforting in the world to Hankyung, in ways he can't explain.

The sound of the door creaking open alerts him, but he remains where he is; plastered to their bed, eyes transfixed on the ceiling. Rustling in the doorway makes Hankyung realize that if he's caught like this, it'll look like he was waiting all night. And nothing is worse than an overprotective boyfriend. He opts to flip over onto his side, flick off the table lamp, and screw his sore eyes shut.

There's a squeak of hinges, and soon Hankyung can feel Kangin's arm winding around his waist. Hankyung can't stop his chin from trembling, and he bites down hard on his lip. The distinct cologne that Hankyung can smell is not Kangin's, but Eeteuk's.

In the morning, Hankyung finds his lover in the kitchen, singing to himself and cooking them both breakfast. And even though he knows where Kangin was last night, he shuffles over to Kangin to press a kiss to his cheek. The smile Kangin gives him is so real and genuine that he doesn't know what to think anymore. Maybe he had been hallucinating Eeteuk's cologne. Maybe he just wanted an excuse to be angry at his lover for making him worry like that.

It doesn't really matter what Hankyung thinks.

Just as long as Kangin is with him.
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;________; OW. Just. The perfume. Not wanting to seem overprotective. Stain on the ceiling. Owowow. ;___; ♥
I think you need to take a shotgun to my head so I can write happier fics. ;__; ♥ .. *whispers* Actually, I should change that word.
♥ NO SHOTGUNS. Cuz I still want YehWook, biatch! *cracks whip* XD ♥♥♥♥
homesick han is the cutest ever aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh *flail*
and the new one is so .. sad but then not? it's cuddly and nice T^T
Thank you~ .__. Homesick!Han = my weakness. Or just him in general. CAN YOU IMAGINE I WAS AIMING FOR A HAPPY FIC? YEAH. I fail so bad.
aw~! usually i don't like unhappy-ish fanfics, but you're an amazing writer so i don't mind~~ but try something happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maybe i should get off my lazy ass and write stuff again *le sigh*
but all my fics are pointless fluff XD which i enjoy, but some peopel (people with no souls)don't T^T
substance? what's substance? all that matters is he gets the girlboy in the end XD
@___@; *waves a hand* Oh stop eet, stop eet~ ♥

YES, that is exacatickely correct. \:D/ Pointless fics are fun. Plotted fics are not. I lose interest fast.
Ohmygawd Angie, you kill me.

;0; Like, literally, I'm IN TEARS, and it's barely even MORNING yet.

;0; My heart hurts for Hanniebaby. I've almost forgotten how much I love this pairing.

Yes, yes I do. :D Multiple times over.

IT'S 10:40, WOMAN.

♥♥ It aches for him too. .-. I know how you feel.

Silently!sad Han keeeeeeeels so good. Like, seriously, for some reasn sad!Han hurts so much more than sad!Ryeo or sad!Ee or even sad!Min. ;0;


i just read this and i think it was absolutely gorgeous....the way you write it was just so beautiful to explain how hankyung was worried... i really wish it was just hankyung and his imagination... there's no leeteuk... please, let it be that way.... haha...

this is awesome~
I came across this just now... suddenly had a craving for KangHan...
*heartbreaking* beautifully written, eventhough it's so short XD♥
overlooked the links at the top XD
*will go read the previous one-shots*